What About Me

I can still remember a bleak night in December
Fading like an ember in the Yuletide fire
Sitting in the corner feeling like a foreigner
Wanting to inform her of my heart’s desires

What about me under the mistletoe?
What about me – will I ever get to know?
What about me – do I make the first advance?
What about me – is it a game of chance?

Music with a slow beat had all the boys on my street
With suits and ties and two left feet so afraid to ask
While girls in washrooms grooming
Wallflowers were blooming
All the time assuming it’s their first and last

What about me – will I ever know romance?
What about me – should I just take the chance?
What about me – will I ever know a kiss?
What about me – I’m really quite new at this

Hula hoops and pet rocks, penny loafers, sweat socks
Gymnasium sock hops in the seventh grade
At the age of thirteen Christmas gained new meaning
When a mistle toe hung ceiling
Left this young heart dismayed

What about me – do you want to hold my hand?
What about me – will I ever understand?
What about me – what was she thinking of?