I, Love, You

How can I say this,
“I Love You.
”The words are so simple so few
And so often abused
That’s why it’s surprising to me
They have endured
Over the ages echo these words
“I Love You.”

“I” that’s a small word it’s so lonely
Left to itself it can seem so assured but don’t you believe “I”
It’s not fooling me
“I” understands
Without love its a singular word
“I” needs Love

“Love” that’s a strong word
It’s so scary
It can upset the scales or tear down a wall
Ask any poet or what’s more surprising to me
Ask the jilted lover
They’ll tell you all about Love’s power
It will make you run for cover – look out

“You” that’s a pronoun it’s so central
The object of love’s affection and yeah
It can be grammatical too
Like you are surprising to me
The way that you listen to even a simple sentence like
I Love You

How can I say this, I Love You.