Begging The Question

Shaman, Shaman, what can you say
That hasn’t already been said to this day?
Fire, wind and water consume and the earth just decays
So Shaman what can you say?

And Wiccan, Wiccan, what’s on your mind?
Nature’s forces have begun to unwind
Mother Earth’s is in labor and no midwife she finds
So tell me Wiccan just what’s on your mind?

Pastor, Pastor, who feeds your lambs?
The ones who entrusted their faith to your hands
You preach, you teach, you breach G-d’s commands
Pastor, who feeds your lambs?

And Rabbi, Rabbi, where is the peace?
Ancient conflict refuses to cease
Eye for an eye just leaves the blindness increased
Tell me Rabbi just where is the peace?

Father, Father how do you sleep?
Cardinal sins reveal you’ve no secrets left to keep
Paradise lost again and the innocent weep
Tell me Father just how do you sleep?

Who guides the Hindu?
Who guides the Sikh?
Sunni or Shitte? Beggar or thief?
When all the dogma and doctrines collide
It begs the question “who is on God’s side?”

Lessons from history when we gonna learn
How much these “holy wars” cost in return?
Beyond religious pretension we yearn
When we gonna learn?